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Product Development

Whether you are looking for a novel formulation solution or a mirror of an existing commercial product we can help you.

Our chemists can un-ravel an existing formulated product, identifying all the major ingredients. We then re-formulate an equivalent which retains all the necessary properties and functionality of the original. This approach is particularly useful as patent expiry dates approach and there is a desire to bring a generic product to market.

Alternatively, we can take a fresh look and help develop a new delivery system for your drug or agrichemical active.

  • Define the product - novel or generic product?
  • Pre-formulation studies - preliminary chemical analysis ('reverse-engineering') plus literature and patent reviews
  • Formulation - manufacturing lab scale quantities of product for testing and evaluation
  • Accelerated and 'real-time' stability - verification that the new product is chemically and physically stable
  • Data package - liaison with consultants who compile the paperwork for product registration and approval to go to market
  • Scale-up and transfer to commercial production facility - we can assist your chosen manufacturer to get up and running
Our product knowledge and formulation experience will ensure that robust products reach the market in the shortest time possible.

Clearly defined goals and agreed timelines and regular contact is maintained as the project progresses.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you bring profitable new products to market, cost effectively.