Chemical Analysis

At LABTEC we understand the production environment and the commercial benefits of getting product tested, QA passed, packaged and shipped to market - on time!

We specialise in analyses where reliable results and a fast turn-around are required. We don't batch samples which is often the cause of frustrating lab delays.

Whether you have regular QC requirement or that one-off sample - we can help.

LABTEC have formal GMP service agreements in place with our regular clients.

Examples include:

Veterinary Medicines (e.g. anthelmintic drenches, pour-on, teat-sprays)
Agricultural Chemicals (e.g. herbicides, pesticides)
Vertebrate Toxic Agents (e.g. Rodent baits)
Sanitising products (e.g. anti-bacterial, bleaches)
Timber Treatment Solutions (e.g. CCA, ACQ, Azoles, Boron)
Treated Timber Samples
Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) full testing to ISO-22241 (rapid sample turn-around)

Entrust your samples to LABTEC.

We offer a rapid sample turn-around and can adopt your own specific test methods or use our own.

Download brochure on Chemical Analysis at LABTEC