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All tests reported herein have been performed in accordance with the laboratory's scope of accreditation.


Chemical Analysis

Routine Analysis, failure investigations & test method development/validation.
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Product Development

Formulation of liquid, solid and powder products.
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IANZ Accredited for Methamphetamine (meth, P) Contamination Testing

LABTEC offers full testing of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) of AUS 32 to ISO 22241 and AUS 40 to ISO 18611 specifications

Meth Contamination Testing

Confidential testing of surface wipes to measure any methamphetamine (P, Meth) contamination present. The simple sampling is conducted by the client using supplied sampling kits. The lab analysis is conducted using a highly sensitive technique capable of measuring Meth at 75 times less than the current NZ Remedial Guideline limit of 1.5μg/100sq cm.

Seed Treatment

Why so many colours? Treated seeds come in many vibrant colours for the purpose of distinguishing that the seed has been treated. Learn more about our lab services in routinely performing HPLC analysis on a wide range of seed treatments.

Dealing with Regulators

LABTEC has assisted clients with successful registration of AgVet products in both Australia and New Zealand. We can provide all the required data for the Chemistry an Manufacturing section of your submission and will rapidly address any technical queries from the Regulatory Authorities if they arise.